15/04/2009 Obradors coach launches S'AGARÓ Platinum     

After being presented with great success in the IAAF 2008, Obradors began marketing the new version of S'Agaró range, the Platinum model, named to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the brand. 

This new body is the result of a rigorous design work leading to one coach and comfortable for its users, profitable for the operator, smaller and easier maintenance, with an optimized access to all mechanical components and attention to all elements of active and passive safety. The structure, designed with the exclusive DROP system (Dynamic Roll-Over Protection), providing maximum protection for the passenger compartment in a rollover at high speed. 

The total length of 12.20 m. together with a careful distribution of spaces, has also allowed some large-scale approaches, significant improvements in comfort and more useable space in the squares, being possible to lay the seats in the back row. Stresses also the solution chosen for the toilet that is placed without loss of rows of seats, all while maintaining the largest winery in its class. Passengers will also appreciate the renewed air conditioning and flat screen monitors perfectly integrated, visible from all seats. 
The study aerodynamic bodywork S'AGARÓ Platinum, raked windshield optimizing and improving the efficiency of the back, more rounded and equipped with a deflector antiturbulencias, provides a valuable reduction in fuel consumption. 

S'AGARÓ Platinum is the fruit of 75 years of experience in bodywork, a new project that leverages the attributes of elegance, clean lines, functionality and design that have given prestige to the range S'AGARÓ whose aesthetic always transmit a current image without accusing over time. 
More information on the new website of the brand, www.obradors.eu